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"The grandiose conclusion - (three Ligeti arias) was wild, erratic, with a garish kaleidoscope of coloratura, outstandingly performed by Daisy Press...What brilliance!"

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"Daisy Press was the ceremonial lady of Viver's 'Bouchara,' only then to blow the evening away with her eccentric, virtuosic 'Mysteries of the Macabre' by Ligeti."

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"Highly virtuosic

and completely fearless..."

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"Her simple tools and powerful voice pulled together into an incantation.”

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 "The voice is a vessel more than a main event. Press balances this tightrope act like Philippe Petit on the highwire, delivered with a plainspoken directness."

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"Communicating ecstasy using a musical style from a thousand years ago to modern audiences can be difficult, but

it felt electric."

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Flower face Daisy

"Her vocal approach wouldn’t be called 'authentic,' but it’s not willfully modern either. She just shares what these sacred songs mean to her, and the result is quietly ravishing."

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"A moment of exaltation...Ligeti's 'Mysteries of the Macabre' offered Daisy Press the chance to slip into the role of the coloratura-loving Diva. Dazzling."

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"Intrepid, passionate..."

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“Daisy Press reinvents Hildegard…she has found a way to stand out from the crowd.”

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"Out on the steps and in the open air, her voice became intimately real. She sang to the listener’s core."

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"a hauntingly beautiful voice..."

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"The performance is serene, intense and measured.  Press sings in pure tones,

on her own terms: delivered with a special grace and beauty."

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