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Classical repertoire

(underlines link to recordings and videos)
Daisy Press

Bernhard Lang:  

Moving Architecture, The Cold Trip, Differenz/Widerholung 2, Game XIX

Steve Reich: 

Drumming, Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices, and Organ,

Music for 18 Musicians, Tehillim, Proverb,

Electric Counterpoint (arr. Daisy Press)

George Crumb:  

Ancient Voices of Children, Apparition,

Unto the Hills

Alberto Carretero:

La Bella Susona (world premiere)

Morton Feldman: 

Three Voices

Rebecca Saunders: 

Nether, Oh yes & I


Martin Smolka: 

Basho, Li Po Lied

John Cage: 

Dream (arr. Daisy Press), She is Asleep,

A Flower, The Wonderful Widow of 18 Springs


Fausto Romitelli:

An Index of Metals ​​

Gyorgy Ligeti:

Mysteries of the Macabre

Claude Vivier:

Bouchara, Lonely Child

Chris Cerrone:

Requiem for K.V., Goldbeater's Skin

Erik Satie: 


Arnold Schoenberg: 

Pierrot Lunaire, the Book of the Hanging Gardens, Brettl Lieder​


Luciano Berio: 

Folk Songs, Sequenza III, O King

Anton Webern: 

Lieder, op. 3 and 25


Kaaija Sarriaho: 

Du gick, Flog; Adjø

Gerhard Winkler: 

Frostblues (with Aleph Guitar Quartet)

Philippe Leroux: 

Voi(rex) (collab with IRCAM)

Olivier Messiaen: 


Giacinto Scelsci: 

Ho, Khoom, Sauh I & II


Karlheinz Stockhausen: 



Earl Kim: 

Exercises en Route

Gyorgy Kurtag: 

Kafka fragments

Ted Hearne:

Once the Search

Julia Wolfe: 

Steel Hammer

Igor Stravinsky: 

Shakespeare Songs, Anne Truelove

Charles Ives: 

Memories, Tom Sails Away, Romanzo di Central Park,

Like a Sick Eagle, Sunrise, Maple Leaves

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