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La Bella Susona

This new opera by composer Alberto Carretero held its world premiere on March 13th, 2024 at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville, Spain, with Daisy Press in its title role, to great acclaim.

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"Daisy Press made the lead role her own, singing with exquisite attention to phrasing, dynamics and a projection that reached moments of majesty…in full command of the stage."

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"Daisy Press did a truly meritorious job attending to the multitude of expressive colors that the score asks of her; chattering, growling, reciting, singing melodic phrases of ancient chant.. All this in uncomfortable positions on the floor - A devilish role she brought to life step by step."

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"Daisy Press shone with her own light in a very successful characterization of the lead role. The American's versatile instrument, endowed with great brilliance, timbral appeal and elasticity when circulating through all registers, presented great homogeneity in the various required interpretive colors."

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"...We finally heard her sweet, delicate voice, so fine that it swayed like the reeds about which she was singing, and in understandable and clear Spanish. Her acting was outstanding."

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ABC España

"Press has a very delicate, elegant, subtle voice, and yet she was able to comfortably handle the high notes and even the interval jumps that are always so vocally challenging."

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photo credits: Roberto Alcain, Guillermo Mendo, Francisco J. Olmo, Juan Carlos Muñoz, Maria Guerra

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